British Holiday and Home Parks Association, David Bellamy Conservations Awards

British Holiday and Home Parks Association, David Bellamy Conservations Awards

Supporting the Local Economy

Supporting the Local Economy

As everyone who lives and works in the countryside knows, rural communities and livelihoods are under ever increasing threat. This makes it vital for all parks in the Award Scheme to be good neighbours by: helping to create local jobs; supporting local trades, services and businesses, and; promoting, selling and using local products. The support of local foods and the places that sell them (such as farmers markets) is particularly important as this helps cut down the distance that food has to travel from ‘field to fork’ and therefore helps reduce the environmental impact of food production. Helping local craftspeople is another key element as this keeps alive age-old skills (such as hedge-laying and dry-stone wall building) that are vital to the well-being of our countryside. Much of this work involves passing on recommendations to your visitors, so make sure your staff are well informed and keen to pass on tips. A visitors’ recommendations book, will allow your guests to pass their ‘finds’ on to others too.

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Supporting local jobs:

  • Make it park policy to use local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Draw staff from the local community where possible.
  • Use local craftspeople and tradespeople for specific projects.

Promoting and using local products:

  • Use and sell local food, drink and other produce on the park (e.g. in café or shop).
  • Sell local crafts in park shop.
  • Provide holidaymakers with food boxes/ready meals made from local produce.
  • Run caravan cookery course using local products.
  • Provide information on local food suppliers and crafts (e.g. ‘Eat Local’ information boards, or leaflets at reception/in welcome packs).

Promoting local shops, businesses, amenities and attractions:

  • Provide visitors with information on local farm shops, pubs, restaurants and other businesses.
  • Provide information on local tourist attractions and amenities (e.g. swimming pools).
  • Set up a visitors’ recommendations book.
  • Work with other local businesses to promote your area (e.g. put together a joint brochure).

More information:

  • Click here for an in depth article on ‘good neighbours’, complete with examples of what parks are doing