British Holiday and Home Parks Association, David Bellamy Conservations Awards

British Holiday and Home Parks Association, David Bellamy Conservations Awards

Supporting the Local Economy

Supporting the Local Economy

As many parks have found, the best way to be a good neighbour to the people who live close by is to make them welcome on your park and keep them aware of any developments that might affect them. Strong links can also be forged by working with local groups and schools on specific projects and by supporting local conservation efforts. Of course a park cannot be a good neighbour if certain people are excluded, so it is important that everything is done so that people with disabilities, the aged and infirm can enjoy a visit.

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Links with local community:

  • Get involved with local community projects.
  • Support local community organizations (e.g. let W.I. meet on site).
  • Create links with local schools and youth clubs (e.g. let kids plant trees on site).
  • Allow locals/schools/youth clubs etc to use park shop or other amenities.
  • Get community representation in your park’s management structure.

Links with conservation/charity bodies and projects:

  • Operate a scheme in which a % of profits or % of park fees is donated to a local charity or project (e.g. an opt-out scheme for guests).
  • Collect donations for charity/project in other ways (e.g. collection box, events, or selling fund-raising products).
  • Stock Fair Trade products in your shop and/or use them in on-park catering facilities.
  • Support a charity in other ways (e.g. allow it to use your facilities).

Approach to accessibility:

  • Provide a written Accessibility Statement and other information for those with disabilities.
  • Adapt a percentage of your hire fleet to cater for those with disabilities.
  • Adapt public buildings to allow access for those with disabilities.
  • Provide disabled toilets.
  • Provide park information in an appropriate form for those with visual and/or hearing impairments.
  • Train staff on accessibility issues.

More information:

  • Click here for an in depth article on ‘good neighbours’, complete with examples of what parks are doing